Rise Kujikawa (forthecamera) wrote,
Rise Kujikawa


June 1 2009
First batch of recruits arrive in Death City

June 3 2009
Witches attack the city, 3 casualties on part of the recruits, numerous on Shibusen.

June 8 2009
Instructional classes for recruits began.

June 16 2009
Strange storm incurred by Witches. Left behind strange symbols around the city.

June 23rd 2009
Combat training sessions began, led by Germany and others.

June 25th 2009
Adachi is announced as a killer.

July 10th 2009
Strange sandstorm hits, believed again to have been the work of Witches.

July 16th 2009
Adachi ushers forth a strange fog which summons Shadows of people and Kishin eggs.

July 22nd 2009
Adachi has become a Kishin or large proportions. Finally taken down by Shibusen and recruits, his soul is used to create a new barrier for the city.

July 27th 2009
Crane begins his attacks on people, using fear gas.

August 10th 2009
Crane is finally caught.

August 15th 2009
Arrival of the Nocturne Bazaar for three days.

August 22nd 2009
Mission to rescue Marie from witch holding goes underway. City is attacked by a storm of mutant frogs. Crane escaped.

August 29th 2009
Missions are officially opened up to recruits.

August 31st 2009
Kishin Asura attacks Death City unleashing a Madness Wavelength. The first of a string of disappearances begins with Yuu Kanda, Shibuya Yuuri, Miranda Lotto and Winry Rockbell.

September 2nd 2009
Shibusen begins their search for those who are missing.

September 8 2009
The Watch if instated.

September 14 2009
Shibusen holds second BREW viewing. Flood begins later in the day and lasts for two days.

September 17 2009
Disappearances continue.

September 23rd 2009
Sand constructs are found to be the reason for the disappearances. Creatures that capture people and drag them out somewhere.

September 24th 2009
Large attack on the city by sand constructs.

September 26th 2009
City is attacked again, this time constructs aim to kill. Some Witches involved. They attempt to kill Spirit but he is saved by the first four who disappeared. These four apparently wound up ten years in the future, and were able to provide information as to what the Witches have been planning, and where the kidnapped victims were taken.

October 1st 2009
Shibusen takes its first offensive. They rescue those who have been kidnapped, and destroy one of Witch's factory.

October 3rd 2009
Oktoberfest is held.

October 8 2009
Clovis hosts a celebration.

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