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Meisters, Weapons & Partnerships [Text]

What are Meisters and Weapons?

Weapons, capitalized, are people who have the ability to transform into weapons. They can be any sort of weapon, and sometimes not conventional ones. Meisters are people who can wield them and have unique abilities that stem from their soul. These people train at Shibusen.

More about Meisters

As aforementioned, Meisters are the primary combatants of Shibusen. This does not necessarily mean that all Meisters are experienced fighters, it's hard to say exactly what it is that makes a person a Meister or a Weapon, if there really is a pattern at all.

All people who become Meisters gain a special ability. Some of this abilities are active, where the Meister must actually call upon the ability, while others are passive and simply something that their soul radiates. The passive ones are a lot more difficult to be figured out, so if you have yet to find your ability or trigger it, most likely it is a passive one.

If you are a Meister looking for training, our current trainers are: Japan and Ping for beginners, and Germany and Italy for those a little more experienced.

More about Weapons

Weapons are those who can transform into weapons. Swords, guns, bows, whips, whatever you can think of. Weapons can also be objects, or unconventional such as a veil, ribbon, or ring. Weapons that are like this usually have special abilities.

Transforming is a tricky thing, especially since you don't know what your form might be beforehand. For those who are looking for help in changing you can contact me or Spirit.

What are Death Scythes?

Death Scythes are the evolved forms of Weapons. They are much stronger than regular Weapons, and are formed when they have collected 99 Kishin Egg souls, and one Witch soul.

Concerning Souls

The power of ones Soul is something greatly emphasized here in Shibusen. If you've been reading everything you will already know that powers you may have had back home would be useless here against our enemies, as are regular weapons. It is the combined power of two or more souls that can defeat a Kishin Egg or Witch.

What is Resonation?

Resonation is what occurs when two or more souls match wavelengths. Resonation is what is used to fight against our enemies, and when two people resonate well, then they can form a partnership.


Partnerships are pretty self-explanatory. It's when a Meister and Weapon decide to form a team together. Parternships are highly encouraged, but not very easy to make. Whether a parternship can work or not depends solely on how well the two people resonate, and that's not simply a matter of getting along well. People who are best friends may not be able to resonate, while those who dislike each other can. In the end, the best way to put it, is how well the two understand each other, and it could very well boil down to a trial and error experience.

If people do not match and try to resonate the results could be bad. It may just be as simple as the Weapon feeling very heavy, and a sense of discomfort in both, but it could be as bad as causing both people pain, and even burning one another.

While not encouraged, it's plausible for two Weapons or two Meisters to resonate, however it can never reach the same height as between a Weapon and a Meister.

Wielding more than one Weapon at the same time is something incredibly difficult, and I believe only possible if the Weapons are twins or something similar.

Once people become partners they are allowed to move from the Casualty Communal to Death City Heights.

How do I find a partner?

It may happen on its own. If you find someone here you get on with, or someone from your world it is good to give resonation a try. Being a hermit will do little to help your chances. Get together are often hosted purely for the purpose of helping people find partners, but if you really desperate to find one please do not hesitate to contact me. Shibusen also has a record of all unpartnered Weapons and Meisters but it never hurts to ask on the network.

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