Rise Kujikawa (forthecamera) wrote,
Rise Kujikawa

This World [Text]

What is this world?

This world is called Earth for those of you unfamiliar with it. Here is a basic map.

How is it different from my Earth?

If you ARE from Earth, this question might be a little tougher. Since I don't know what your world is like, I'll try to point out the most prominent traits of this world. First are the existence of many creatures of lore such as Witches, were wolves, zombies, etc. The library has a lot of information on these.

Most unique are Meisters and Weapons.

What are Meisters and Weapons?

Weapons, capitalized, are people who have the ability to transform into weapons. They can be any sort of weapon, and sometimes not conventional ones. Meisters are people who can wield them and have unique abilities that stem from their soul. These people train at Shibusen.

What is Shibusen?

Shibusen is a global organization. It is a technical school for Weapons and Meisters where it teaches and trains them in their ability. They are the primary force against Witches and Kishin Eggs and keepers of peace in this world.

Who runs Shibusen?

The current Shinigami, Kid, due to the passing of his father a few months ago. There are many members of the staff who also help run it, and you can get in contact with them using the mirrors on the back of your communicator.

I don't know how to use this communicator!

You should have been giving a small pamphlet with your communicator. This is a manual. If you didn't, or if you lost it, take a look here.

What's the technology of this world like?

Again, depending on where you are from the technology of this world can either be very advanced or very primitive. If you have trouble understanding or adjusting to it feel free to contact me, or ask over the network. There are plenty of people willing to help.

Pertaining other recruits

As you are probably figuring out BREW is bringing people from all sorts of different worlds and times. You will meet many people here who are of your species, and other races. Some may be ones you have never imagined, some may be species that are mythological where you come from. In case like that they may follow your lore, or not. This isn't so much a question I suppose as a heads up.

You will probably find many surprises in this place.

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