Rise Kujikawa (forthecamera) wrote,
Rise Kujikawa

The Basics [Text]

Where are we?

You are in Death City, Nevada, United States, Earth. To some of you, some of these names may sound familiar, to others, not at all. That is because this is a different world than the one you come from, a different planet. It sounds crazy, but it is true. Even for those of you who come from Earth, this isn't the Earth that you know so don't expect to just hop in a car or plane, go to where you live, and expect to find your home.

The current year here is 2009.

Why are we here?

This is a world currently in conflict. There are creatures known as Kishin Eggs, and Witches who are looking to destroy it and plunge it into darkness. The war against them has taken a turn for the worse, and in order to help a powerful machine called BREW acted on its own. It has been recruiting people from other worlds and other times and bringing them here to help with the effort. Unfortunately until the war is over, the process can't be reversed.

Other times?

Yes. You may find people here that you know, but they may not come from the exact same time as you. For example it may have been June for you when you were brought here, but for others it may have been August. It's a strange phenomena because even with this discrepancy a 'you' will still be there, so people may not notice your absence, or they yours. The easiest way I can think to explain this is that people exist in different timelines which aren't all directly related to one another--that, or perhaps there are many worlds which follow the same history as one another.

Wait, what?

Sometimes parallels of people appear who have lived different histories. To give a rather mundane example let's say Jeff had a job opportunity. He took it and ended up being a billionaire. It's possible that one day a Jeff might appear who decided not to take up that opportunity and ended up a homeless bum instead. The differences can be very small, or very big, and can lead to utterly different histories so don't take it personally if someone you know might not recognize you. It's possible they just have yet to meet you--but also possible they will never meet you in their own world.

So it might be possible that several worlds that DO follow a similar history exist.


Oh I don't know, I'm not a quantum physicist.

I want to go home

As does everyone, unfortunately that isn't up to anyone here, Shibusen included. Only BREW can return home, and BREW pretty much has a mind of its own. The best we know is that it can grant one wish at a time, so the first one has to be completed before a new one can be made. That means until the war is over, we're stuck here.

I don't want to fight in this war

You don't have to. Shibusen provides everyone who comes here with everything they need. You can live peacefully in the city. If you still want to help, but just not fight, there are plenty of other opportunities such as working in the clinics, helping newcomers get settled, and various other jobs in the city.

If you want to help at the clinic contact Winry Rockbell or John Watson.

If you want to help at the Detective Agency contact Miles Edgeworth, Near, or Light Yagami

There is also the Watch run by Roy Mustang.

What happened to my powers/weapons and why?

Consider them temporarily confiscated by BREW. Some of you may have special powers in your world but they would be impotent here. You may be the most powerful mage, martial artists, whatever where you come from but then you are just a dime a dozen here. Seems a lot of people seem to have some extravagant history from saving their world, to being the strongest where they come from, to even fighting Gods.

The enemies here can only be effectively beaten by one thing--resonation, which I will go into further in a different section.

Is it possible to get my powers back?

As far as I am aware there is no way to permanently get your powers back. There is a phenomena called the Madness Wavelength in this world that if you are exposed too will temporarily return a small portion of your powers (I imagine the more exposure you get, the more of your powers return) but as implied it also makes you go insane for the duration of the exposure. Other side effects include increased resonation.

Other than that, no.

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