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♫ In another town my soul feels so old

Hello there! This is where you can talk to me about my Rise. Think I play her well? Think I play her poorly? Or perhaps my characterization isn't the problem. If there is anything at all you'd like to say about how I play her, or my roleplaying in general, this is where you can say it. Don't worry, I won't bite, just remember that if you do have an issue, please be specific and give me examples, and if possible, ideas on how to improve! Anonymous commenting is on but screening is not because its a Douchebag with a capital D. You can't reply to screened comments, and I'd like to talk with those who want to plot, or have crit :> Let you know I'm listening.

This post can also be used if you'd like to plot something in particular with Rise, or if you just have any sort of question, or would like to gank her for a log. Drop me a note here, or LJ PM me.
Tags: *crit, *ooc, *plot
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