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Name: Rise Kujikawa
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Fandom: Persona 4
Timeline: November 3, after the group decides NOT to kill Namatame, and continue trying to get information out of him.
History: http://megamitensei.wikia.com/wiki/Rise_Kujikawa

Character Personality: Rise Kujikawa is a girl of many faces, albeit unintentionally since even she isn't sure who she is.

One the surface she is cheerful, flirtatious, and for lack of a better term, a 'girly girl'. She likes attention, likes to play and be active, and is friendly with just about everyone. She loves spicy food, likes fashion, and is very concerned with her appearance. Sometimes she can be selfish and petty, but usually about things that don't matter. She has mounds of energy and can come off as rather air-headed at times.

As a Japanese teen idol she is forced to act in a very particular way. This 'way' is a greatly exaggerated version of her surface personality, and may indeed be responsible for the existence of that surface personality entirely. Rise has been working as an idol for a very long time doing commercials, singing, and she was even in line to star in a movie before she quit. Despite being new she gained popularity quite quickly which was something she had desired for a long time, but as she says, the person everyone liked was Risette (as she is called in her role) not Rise. This combined with the stress of the fast-paced life made her decide to quit.

In truth Rise can actually be quite shy. The reason she went into the business was in part to escape the large amounts of bullying she endured in school due to said shyness. She was also very weak-willed and a bit of a pushover since she came from a very strict family, with parents who weren't the most caring. She has her moments of being incredibly quiet and reserved—particularly when she is troubled by something, but when around others she tries to keep on a smile nonetheless. Rise alters her personality a lot to try and fit that of whomever she is with—even when she joins the team she says "Well, I know i sounded gloomy and all from stress, so... I-I thought you might not like me that way..."

While she isn't the brightest bulb when it comes to academics, and her impulsiveness can land her in more than one sticky spot, she isn't stupid, and one almost uncomfortable talent of hers is her ability to read others. This probably explains the nature of her Persona, Himeko/Kanzeon, but Rise has a particular knack for understanding others, and how they feel. This may have sprung from the countless types of people her job has forced her to meet, or perhaps from that fact that as a lonely child all she could ever do was observe others. Probably a combination of both.

As the representative of the Lovers Arcana, Rise is, unsurprisingly, a very loving person. She is very open-minded and forgiving; sure she'll have her childish bouts of anger towards a person, but they go as easily as they come. It's very hard for her not to like a person, or at least be curious and sympathetic with them. Despite her problems and the nastiness she has endured from many other people both due to her nature and status, she is a genuinely optimistic person and holds faith in many people. As Risette she used her status to help awareness campaigns, so she could be considered a bit of a humanitarian as well.

Like most of the other main characters of Persona 4, Rise had to face her shadow, that is, the warped and exaggerated manifestation of that which she represses. The world her shadow created was a strip club named the Marukyu Revue, and her shadow wore nothing more than a skimpy yellow bikini and threatened to 'bare it all'. She said "I'm sick of being some airhead cliche who chokes down everything she'd fed and takes it all with a smile." Her shadow's desire to strip was Rise's desire to strip away her fake personality so that people could see who she really was, something that she had been unable to do because of her job and her shyness.

Character Abilities: In the game, Rise is a 'support' character. Like the other main characters she has a Persona, which is the strength of a person given physical form. Unlike the others, her Persona is not one that can fight. It lends her the ability, however, to be able to sense and analyze everything around her. These abilities allow her to find people, to figure out their strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. It allows her to find objects as well, and easily maneuver her way around things as if they can already see all possible paths before her. Her Persona also allows her to heal.

Disregarding her Persona, Rise's strongest asset is probably her ability to read people. Personas are born from people, and it is this ability of her that gives Kanzeon her strategic nature.

Character Weaknesses: Rise isn't a fighter by any means. She is not strong, she is not fast, and she does not have much stamina. In fact she has had to be almost the exact opposite thanks to her job, and is probably weaker than the average human her age.

In terms of personality she also isn't very good at standing up for herself very often, and can let her emotions get the better of her. Alone or with strangers it is hard for her to put up the confident front which is so easy when she is with the rest of the Investigation Team, without this her fears and insecurities are very evident.


Why your character should be a Weapon: In the game Rise was only a support character and could not fight. As a weapon she can continue that same line—being supportive to whoever ends up being her Meister.

What is your character's Weapon form?: Rise would be a veil of deception. When she transforms into her weapon form she is able to give her Meister the form that their opponent loves the most.

As a Japanese idol, Rise is molded to try and be loved. She is presented in a manner to make others happy, and serve the desires of others no matter how fake it might be on her part; however, being someone who represents The Lovers arcana, and since she uses her position to try and raise aware for many humanitarian campaigns, it's evident that Rise is a very loving individual and 'other' oriented.

Hence the Veil. It gives the illusion of her Meister being what their opponent loves and desires the most, in time, perhaps as she grows stronger she'll have more control over what she shows so the illusion can be anything.

If her Meister chooses not to wear her, Rise can appears as a simple white veil and can be used as a rope, or blanket anything her Meister can think of.


Soul Description: compassionate, shy, observant, mercurial, understanding, curious

Soul Appearance: http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j33/KalinkaCossack/SC%20Relationships/RSoul.jpg

Rise's soul is a very simple looking, spherical with two twin tails the mirror the ones she usually fashions her hair in. She is a deep burgundy color, and atop each pigtail she has small antennas.
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