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In-Game History

Note- this is only for important plot points. For any significant to her relationships, see her relationships post.

DAY ONE - Rise arrives in Death City, one of the first batch to ever arrive. There she meets Yoko (killswithkisses) and Colette (culinaire_arme).

- Rise gets some answers. Everyone is brought together where they are allowed to ask questions. She meets Matt.

- Rise collects all the info they have been given so far. She finds out she is a Weapon from Dr. Stein.

DAY TWO - Rise signs the contracts.

DAY THREE - The witches attacked. Rise manages to get out with Matt but they become separated. Later she meets up with Soul, Maka, and Gale.

DAY FIVE - The search for Kid who went MIA during the attack. He is found.

DAY EIGHT - Classes begin

DAY THIRTEEN - At Spirit's request, days previous, Rise gets together a team and they put on a festival

DAY FIFTEEN - A huge supernatural induced storm develops that lasts till the 19th. It leaves behind a strange symbol that reminds Rise of the Kishin Chamber. She, China, Ash, and Naoto investigate [the findings are still uncertain]

DAY TWENTY-THREE - Matt and Rise become partners

DAY TWENTY-FIVE - The strange disappearances are explained. At this time Kanji, Yosuke, Souji, Dojima, Nanako and Naoto are all missing/not heard from which leads Rise to believe they are all dead. She feels responsible for them all, as well as the others, and Nill's rape.

DAY TWENTY-SIX - Souji appears with a message from Adachi carved on his body. Rise finds him and sees the rules of the game

DAY THIRTY - After roughly four days of near non-stop training with Soul, and only breaking to visit Souji, Rise finally manages to transform.
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